Miniature Needlework Rugs

The following miniature designs are offered as a collection for $7.00:

Aubusson Rug
Green Kirman Rug
Tabriz Column Rug
Bokhara Rug
Victorian Scroll Rug
American Colonial Rug
Southwest Rug
Small Rose Rug
Small Floral Rug
Toys Children's Rug

UPDATE:  This is no longer available via a PayPal button. To order email me at

To order the collection and pay through PayPal, just click on the box below.

***PLEASE NOTE:  When you pay through PayPal, you will be directed to the website where the designs are when your payment is processed.***

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When you are directed to the website, please download the designs onto your own computer or print them out right away, as I will be changing the website address regularly.

Thank you.
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